Project Delivery


The music industry is an international business. Students in the partner countries are preparing for work in the international labour market. The target group is secondary (F.E.) level students and staff in vocational education in the fields of music performance (classical, pop, jazz and folk music) and music technology. The working life of people in the music industry makes demands of entrepreneurship and reaching out beyond national boundaries.  This project will give the students and staff an opportunity to work together during two years.

The students will plan and implement together two music projects beginning from composing and writing lyrics. They also learn to promote their music and organize events where they may perform their own music.  All these phases will be written to guidelines which are in free use for all after the project. Partners build together a common Pan European study unit during which these activities can be done.  This unit will be validated and recognized in all partner countries. This will diversify the real work experience of the participants during their study.



The methodology:


Team working with others; tutors from all partner countries and delivered in a local context. This is facilitated by working in an online environment supported by industry perspective input from the working-life partner. The project has intensive use of technology for co-operation, dissemination, marketing and promotion.

The workshops are designed to equip learners with the skills to participate effectively in live musical events. To do this the workshops contain solo and group activities.


Financial reporting will be required from the partners once in four months i.e.  six times during the project, this enables us to monitor expenditure and take any required action.

The transnational meetings are linked three times to workshops in Derry, Tallinn and Kajaani. Two others will be separate. The project administration and management are dealt with in every project meeting which also act as progress checkpoints.



September - October 2015

·         beginning and launching of the project: agreements, financial guidelines, management structures and processes

·         building up the project teams in each partner organization

·         pre-evaluation questionnaire

·         selection of participating students in the project during the first year

·         The 1st partner meeting in Kokkola, Finland

·         schedule for the whole project and detailed work plan

·         beginning of building Study Unit


November – December 2015 – January -  February 2016

·         website, blog and logo design are ready

·         preparation for the 1st workshop in Derry, UK

·         building of Study Unit and the 1st version ready

·         working with O1

·         the 1st financial reports from the partners, the 1st payment to the partners. These follow with 4 months’ intervals.


March 2016

·         the 2nd partner meeting Derry

·         the 1st C1, music workshop in Derry

·         quality questionnaire for participants

·         beginning of writing O1, Guidelines


April – May – June 2016

·         O2 Study Junit ready

·         writing O1 continues


September - October 2016

·         preparations for the 3rd partner meeting in Glasgow

·         selection of participating students in the project during the first year

·         the 3rd partner meeting in Glasgow

·         updating schedule for the project and detailed work plan

·         Interim Report






November - December – January 2017

·         preparations for 1st piloting of Study Unit in Tallinn

·         preparations for the 4th partner meeting in Tallinn

·         1st version of guidelines ready


February 2017

·         the 4th partner meeting Tallinn

·         the 2nd C2, music workshop in Tallinn

·         quality questionnaire for participants

·         piloting Study Unit, assessment, validation, recognition

·         evaluation of the usability of the guidelines


March – April 2017

·         finetuning Study Unit and Guidelines

·         the 5th partner meeting in Kajaani

·         the 3rd C3, music workshop in Tallinn

·         piloting Study Unit, assessment, validation, recognition



May – June - August 2017

·         finalizing the study unit and guidelines

·         preparations for the final report

Sep 2017 - 6th partner meeting in Glasgow.


· October 2017     -    final report